What is Astrology?

What happens in the sky is reflected here on earth as the correspondence law states that what is above is like that which is below. Astrology has been a guide for humans for centuries where they have looked to the stars for a guide. 

By tracking the stars and constellations, human beings have long been able to plan and predict certain patterns as astrologers do nowadays. As a result, astrology has become an incredible tool for living and guiding. With this tool we can understand ourselves, our purpose in life, our strongest characteristics and challenges. Also, it shows us certain patterns or trends in relation to love, family, relationships, money, career, health and habits among other characteristics.

Astrology for me is a guide where you can get to know yourself better and have a clear orientation for decisions; however, as everything in life, we have the free will to make our own decisions and follow our heart.

What is your Natal (or Birth) Chart?

The Natal Chart is a ¨screenshot¨ of how the stars and constellations were in the exact time and place of your birth. The chart will show you everything you need to know to understand characteristics of yourself. Also, it will show you the placement of the sun, moon, ascendent, midheaven, north and south nodes etc that I will be giving more details about in following posts.

In the Natal Chart you will get to see the planets' positions in the twelve houses and the role that each one plays. The combination of this with the zodiac signs contributes to the formation of your character (the formula that you chose to come with in this life and they will describe and let you understand yourself better).


What is a solar return chart?

Years ago, while living in Brazil I learned from a friend about astrology and I made my birth chart with an astrologer there, and since that time, every year I have done a solar return chart. This is a chart which is made annually and it depends on the place where you spend your birthday. It is used to have an idea of what is going to happen in the following year. I am so amazed how these maps have guided me for so many years that I started telling my friends about it and they have been doing theirs with my astrologer. For more than a year I have been translating from Portuguese to English/ Spanish for them and that woke me up to start learning more about this belief system.

In the meantime, I will keep studying more about the signs, houses, degrees, aspects, movements, etc. that are very complex to understand. So, as I have seen how astrology has guided so many friends to get to know themselves and understand patterns in their life, I've been motivated to start planning a section where you can apply to have your own birth chart and solar return chart made. As I will still be studying more about astrology, hopefully in the future, I can be one of the astrologers in Sulara doing the interpretation; in the meantime, it will be other astrologers. I hope we can launch it soon on the website and you can also get to have yours!!