We are cyclic, like everything in the universe we go through birth, growth, plenitude and death. Independently of your relation with nature we are influenced by her. The magnetism of the moon influences the water on earth, just take a look at the waves in full moon, or how our bodies react in every phase and it’s because we are made of up to 60% of water. The element water represents our emotions so we are influenced in each moon phase.

It’s very interesting to analyze each cycle and if we learn a little bit of each phase we can start to align our life with its influence. Learning about each phase is the way to learn about the cosmic winds and the way to point the boat in the right direction to flow with nature. Also, being connected with the moon phases is the way to maintain connection with nature, to be balanced and integrated so we can elevate our spirits.

Here is a small explanation of each phase so you can learn a little bit of each and start taking advantage of the cycles as we have been doing!


In this period is when the night is dark, allowing us the time to look inside ourselves. It is the phase to start again and plant our seeds.  It’s the moment to formulate our objectives for the new cycle of 28 days. This time is very good to start new projects, alliances, to make an intentions list, everything related to new starts.


The moon starts to grow in the sky, illuminating everything that was dark. It is the period when things start to move on, but the results are not guaranteed yet. In this phase we discover which seed we planted in the new moon is growing. It is very interesting to perceive what is gaining force. This is the time to have courage, communication and action. In this stage everything will be more clear and defined. It’s very good for meetings, exchanges, making commitments, and being active and present.


The moon is shining in the sky revealing everything. It is the moment when the pattern of the cycle culminates. The success or failure of our efforts will be exposed to the light of the moon. We collect everything we planted in the new moon. Our mood sometimes is sensitive and the magnetism is elevated with the levels of water in our body and the planet. This cycle is good for activities that require us to be in public, introducing new things, openings, sales, partners and events. We are more expansive in this cycle.


The light of the moon starts to diminish returning to darkness. The level of water in our organism and the planets is low. It’s the moment to retreat and interiorize. It is the time when we reflect on what we collect in the cycle. It is a period to accept and adapt and a good moment for retreats, treatments for internal and external cures, to donate clothing and objects. It is also a good time to get rid off unnecessary habits and objects.

Connecting with the cosmic winds through your intuition, observation and presence, we have designed our moon kit to help you with the connection through theses cycles.