About Sulara



Welcome to a space where mind, body, and spirit compliment each other in order to embrace your beautiful essence as a human. Sulara is an activewear and wellness brand, born with the purpose of indulging the art of self-awareness as a conscious path towards a meaningful lifestyle. The movement of your body is in sync with the symphony of your soul and the natural flow of your mind. Our brand believes in the magic of connection, and the freedom of being. The concept of fashion in our unique pieces goes hand in hand with a deeper intention based on love and awareness.  
     Sulara brings to life all the intentions surrounding love and harmony. Once you engage with the brand, there is a sense of connection with your soul that will guide you in a journey of self-awareness and endless discoveries. Whether you’re an active yogi, an adventurous traveler, a nature lover, a spontaneous human, or just driven by your wellbeing, Sulara is here to move and evolve with you. Embrace the divine version of yourself and spread the evolution of your soul in a world that constantly craves your energy.
Our founder, Carolina Trigueros, was born and raised in Costa Rica, where Sulara (meaning “Earth Daugther” from the Cabécar indigenous people of Costa Rica) was brought to life in August 2014. Nature in all of its forms is a big part of the magic of this country, which led to the inspiration behind the core values of the brand. The evolution of the company started to take place with our founder’s creative awakening while living in Brazil that eventually redirected her to sacred places of self-awareness paths. The drive to share this message with the community continued its growth to a point where it crossed borders. In 2021, Carolina took a leap of faith and moved to London, England where she started to introduce Sulara as an international brand. There was a clear calling to connect and inspire communities outside of her home country which eventually developed a new concept of the brand based on intention and purpose.
carolina founder