Meet our muse Page Sieffert  - pilates instructor, teacher, creator of Pilates & the 5 elements and founder of Pilates Nosara

1. The purpose of Sulara is to connect mind, body and soul. In your case, how you use reformer Pilates to create this balance?   

The Reformer is an incredible apparatus that allows someone to experience their body in a new way.   The different spring tensions allow me as the instructor to create all kinds of individualized workout base on the mind, body, and soul of the client that day.  Of course, how you cue and sequence using the Reformer can help connect one in their body in ways they have never experienced before!

2. How did you started with your journey in the world of Pilates and how did it bring you to Costa Rica? 

I took my first Pilates class at age 14 at my ballet studio. After spending my youth as a ballerina, I decided to transition into studying what had helped me stay in top condition for so many years. I went to massage school at 20 years old and did my Pilates training shortly after that. I open my first Pilates studio in my garage when I was 23 years old and then with a year my first rented studio, which I owned for 10 years.
Moving to Los Angeles in 1995 introduced me to surfing. Thus began my journey surfing in many beautiful places around the world.  On a solo surf trip about 20 years ago I fell in love with Nosara. I bought property that week and built a house a few years later. I was super unhappy in Los Angeles and made the choice to sell my Pilates studio and open one in Nosara about 14 years ago. This way I could surf the waves I loved, live on my property, teach what I love, and be in nature with a wonderful community.  I would not change any part of the adventures of my life!!

3. Now there is a lot of information on the benefits of Pilates can you explain the benefits of Reformer Pilates? 

The Reformer is the invention of Joseph Pilates.  The different spring tensions create load on the body based on the exercise you are teaching. The reformer can challenge the client and increase strength, as well as help assist the client and increase flexibility. The key to understand is that the reformer is not working you out.  You are moving the reformer in a way that can transform your body for health and longevity, relieve pain, and increase athletic performance.  

4. Sulara seeks to inspire a journey of endless self-discovery. How do you connect with this vision?

I truly feel that movement heals.  As we move through this life journey the body changes based on experiences of the mind, body, and spirit. In order to feel good in our body we need to be open to exploring what each individual needs to stay in balance for longevity. This is a constant endless beautiful sometimes joyful and sometimes painful journey!

5. Tell us why you like to practice wearing Sulara.   

The clothes I wear actually affect my mood when I am teaching.  Having been in tight ballet clothes and then in tight workout clothes almost my entire life, I decided that all I care about is comfort. The skin is the largest organ and if I am teaching hours and hours a day, I have to wear natural breathable fabric without tight elastic waistbands and tight tops so I can allow my ribs to move when I breath.  I love the Nuuk Pants because they have a super thin waistband, they are not tight, and they are fresh in the jungle heat.