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Designer: Sulara

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Palo santo is also known as "holy wood". It is used much like white sage is used in ritual ceremonies to cleanse the air and rid negative energies from your space. It smells similar to its relative, frankincense with a deep, rich, resinous, and sweet aroma. This palo santo was sustainably harvested from Perú.

Each bundle comes with 3 large palo santo sticks a clear quartz point wrapped in leather cord with a feather. This palo santo is much larger than usual bundles. Each stick measures about 6 inches long. Each stick will last for many many uses.


Simply light the tip until it begins to glow red and blow it out. To keep the incense burning let it sit by a window or if you want just a quick cleanse it will go out on its own in about a minute.  For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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