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Designer: Sulara

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Includes all the items you need to set and celebrate your intentions with the moon.

MOONSTONE  Traveler's Stone + new beginnings + intuition + opens the heart to acceptance of love + calm.

SELENITE Powerful crystal for energy cleansing + protection + calm + clarity.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL Cleansing + balance + amplification.

WHITE SAGE Known for its healing + medicinal properties, white sage clears negative energy + establish a positive environment for meditatior or another ritual. Light the end and let the smoke cleanse your space.


NEW MOON  A time to set intentions and open yourself to new experiences that will help you grow.

FULL MOON A time to celebrate accomplishments and intentions manifested. Let go of anything that no longer serves you.

Stir up your emotions and amplify mystical powers. #SULARAlife


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