sulara crystal set
sulara crystal set
sulara crystal set
sulara crystal set


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Your astrological sign comes with a variety of good qualities. Working with the right gemstones for your sign will make you feel right at home. These are all crystals with specific properties to help bring tailored healing for your astrological sun sign.

Include: Drawstring pouch, beryl, granite, hematite.

BERYL Enhances courage, relieves stress and calms the mind.

GRANITE is a great balancer of water and earth (emotions and practicality). Is wonderful for allowing for increased protection and abundance.

HEMATITE Unifies scattered feelings, encourages mental clarity and helps with concentration.


  • To incorporate these crystals into your daily life you might place them on your altar, carry them in your pocket. Each gemstone used in these new pieces is aligned with a specific zodiac sign.
  • To cleanse your crystals, pass them through sage smoke or hold them under cool running water. Charge your crystals by placing them under the light of the full moon.

 Made with love, light, and positive energy. #S U L A R A LIFE



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