About Sulara




Sulara is a Costa Rican Company founded in 2014. Our purpose is to inspire communities to connect with their mind, body and spirit in order to have a balanced lifestyle through soul driven lifestyle products.
Sulara’s mantra is to inspire people to find their own balance through self-inspiration and motivation. We seek to incite a conscious way of life so that our clients experience an evolution of their soul.
Sulara means ¨Earth daughter¨ to the Cabécar, the indigenous people of Costa Rica, for whom she is an important character involved in the creation of the world. To us, Sulara, echoes our connection to the earth and values everything that it gives to us.
Carolina Trigueros, Creative Director and Founder of Sulara, was born and raised in Costa Rica. She is a seasoned Fashion Designer. During her travels abroad but specially while living in Brazil, she experienced a creative and spiritual awakening. Since that moment around 2016 her passion has been to create products and services that connects fashion, elevates wellbeing and empowers individuals. Her purpose is to be an influencer to allow people to be aligned with their soul.
carolina founder